Writing a funding application can seem like a daunting task, so our Sports Development Officer Sam has put together some handy tips:

Read the Criteria

This may seem like a bit of an obvious one, however it is essential to thoroughly read the criteria set out by the fund or grant for which you are applying. This helps you to confirm if you are eligible to apply, and also to tailor your application for the best chance of funding being awarded.

Be Clear and Informed

Always ensure that your application is clear, well structured and well researched. Facts and statistics can be useful in supporting your application but try not to overload them!

Be Specific

It is important to set out exactly how much money you are asking for and how it will be spent. In some cases you may be asked to provide formal quotes alongside the application for the items or services you wish to purchase with the funding.

Talk About Impact

Talk about the impact of the money on your organisation, project and the wider world. Remember to fit it to the aims of the fund and mention throughout – don't just save until the end!

If you need further support or advice please contact Samantha Heap