NWL Sport want to be there to support our workforce and athletes. We understand that upskilling and pursing a sporting career take great commitment and dedication.

We have two grant schemes that might just be able to help you take that next step...

Coaching and Leadership Education Grant Scheme

Our sports clubs would not function without the expert coaches, leaders and volunteers that are at their hearts. But there are always ways to develop yourself and your career further, however we know coaching qualifications and courses can be expensive.

  • This scheme supports coaches, volunteers and leaders to gain coaching, leadership and officiating qualifications.
  • Up to £100 available
  • Applications open: April 2022

Coach Education and Leadership Grant - About the scheme - North West Leicestershire District Council (achieveservice.com)

Talented Athlete Grant Scheme

We want to support the young sporting talent of NWL. Training costs, travel, equipment and competition fees all quickly mount up and we don't want these to stop our athletes from achieving their potential.

  • This scheme supports young talented athletes to keep pursing their sporting careers by providing finance to help with the associated costs.
  • Up to £100 available.
  • Applications open: April 2022

Talented Athlete Grant Scheme - About the scheme - North West Leicestershire District Council (achieveservice.com)