The Inclusive Club Scheme (ICS) is here to support your club in becoming more inclusive. It tells everyone involved with sports and physical activity in North West Leicestershire that your club is doing the right things to try and help more people with disabilities access your club and your sport.

What is the Inclusive Club Scheme?

The Inclusive Club Scheme is a new two tier accreditation scheme for sports clubs launched in February 2020. It has been developed in partnership by the Sports Development Team at North West Leicestershire District Council and experts from Active Together.

The scheme encourages and supports our clubs to meet an agreed standard in;

  • How they engage and communicate with disabled users
  • How they support and coach disabled users

Through these standards we hope to build disabled people's confidence around accessing our sports clubs, raise their awareness of the inclusive sport opportunities available to them, and build our workforces confidence around engaging with and supporting disabled users.

Our vision for the Inclusive Club Scheme is that it measurably increases the number of disabled people taking part in regular sport and club 'life', whilst also increasing our workforce's knowledge base and confidence to effectively support them.

It has been found that two of the biggest barriers disabled people face when trying to access sport and physical activity are;

  • they don't know what is out there for them to try and take part in - do our clubs communicate effectively?
  • they worry that they won't be good enough - can our clubs and coaches make the required adaptations to support them?

This is what the scheme aims to change.

What does accreditation with the Inclusive Club Scheme require?

The Inclusive Club Scheme requires a club to meet all of the specified criteria in each level in order to gain recognition. The scheme has two levels. Please note that all clubs must start with the bronze level first.

Download the Inclusive Club Scheme guidance to see more about the criteria, benefits and evidence required in each level: Inclusive Club Scheme Guidance (PDF Document, 0.14 Mb)

There is a small charge for accreditation with the Inclusive Club Scheme. This is so the model can be made sustainable and we promise to re-invest all income back into the programme.

An application for bronze accreditation will cost £30 per club, whilst silver accreditation will cost a further £10 per club.

How can we register to apply?

If you are sure that you are ready (payment taken on this form) please complete our registration only form online here. Once you have submitted this form on behalf of your club, our team will be in touch with you directly to share the resources and information that you need to start completing your application.