Workplace Challenge Goes National!

Posted: Tue, 05 Nov 2013 12:45

Workplace Challenge Goes National!

A physical activity programme that has been successfully running in Leicestershire & Rutland for the past four years, through Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS), is now due to be rolled out nationally, following the availability of further funding.

The Workplace Challenge is aimed at encouraging businesses and organisations to get active. The programme, which is free to join, is comprised of an Activity Log Challenge, a Competition Programme and the Business Games.

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS) is just one of 28 County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) taking part in 'phase one' across the country. The national launch for the Workplace Challenge is January 6th 2014, with the activity log challenge also commencing the same day and running for eight weeks until March 2nd 2014. Although the challenge is being rolled out nationally, each county sports partnership will have their own version of the Workplace Challenge website and their own competition programme.

So far around 600 people from over 100 Leicestershire workplaces have logged around 20,000 activities on the Workplace Challenge. But, in 2014, the aim is to reach 8,000 employees in 800 workplaces nationally.

The Activity Log Challenge is a free online activity log to record levels of sport, physical activity and active travel. The activity log allows users create social circle leader boards so they can compete, encourage and motivate colleagues get active, or even compete with other workplaces. The online activity log allows participants to back date activity so they don't have to update it as soon as they finish exercising. The key thing to remember is that activity means points and points mean prizes!

Prizes are given for individual winners and the winning department in the county, but they also given throughout the eight week challenge to keep you motivation levels high. Will you be a winner this year? Why not join the challenge, register at and get your colleagues involved too!

In Leicester-Shire and Rutland a Competition Programme is set up to run alongside the Activity Log Challenge and continues after it finishes. The competition programme is a series of inter-workplace sporting competitions. Each competition has links with either a local sports club or "Back2" sports programme so that people have the option to continue with the activity after the competition ends.

This year, Leicestershire & Rutland has an 11 event Competition Programme consisting of volleyball, badminton, football, dodgeball, basketball, wheelchair basketball, netball, canoeing & kayaking, softball, beach volleyball, and the Business Games. The emphasis of the competitions is on fun, and experience is not necessary.

However, places are limited so if you and your colleagues are keen to get involved, hurry and register to ensure that you don't miss out! Details of all the events taking place in Leicester-Shire & Rutland as part of the Workplace Challenge will be available of the Workplace challenge website.

If you would like more information on workplace health programmes in your area, please visit

For more information contact Kim Lillie, Andrew Watson or Rebecca Linsley at Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS) on or or

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