Spotlight on the Data & Stats Portal

Posted: Fri, 10 Mar 2023 09:00

Spotlight on the Data & Stats Portal

Spotlight on the Data & Stats Portal

The team at Active Together have been working to refresh our Data and Statistics portal, to host relevant and useful data tools to support the work of your organisation. This article will help you to understand the function and the key features of the data and stats portal as well as suggesting ways it could strengthen your projects, programmes and funding bids.

What is the Data and Stats Portal and where can I access it?

The Active Together Data and Stats portal is a resource that contains links to a series of interactive toolkits linked to physical activity, population demographics, health and wellbeing and the economy. It is housed under the funding and insight tab in the top menu of the Active Together website and is part of our Insight Hub.

What can you find on the Data and Stats Portal and what are its key features?

In the Data and Stats portal you can find toolkits from organisations such as Sport England, the Office for National Statistics, Public Health England, LG Inform and more… The portal is split into 5 key sections with an aim to make the user journey quicker and easier, ensuring information can be accessed at just a few clicks. These sections are; Physical Activity Levels, Community tools, Demographics, Health and Wellbeing and Economy. It is important to note that the tools included in these sections are not limited to information on that area, many do include a wider range of data and stats.

How will using the Data and Stats Portal benefit me and my organisation?

The information on this portal can be analysed at a deeper level allowing you to pull out the most relevant and useful data to evidence your projects, programmes or planning. National data sources such as Sport England's Active Lives and Public Health England can also be looked at on a local level, allowing local comparisons to be made to national data. Whether you are looking for data to grow an ongoing project or creating a funding bid for the future; our Data and Stats Portal acts as a central hub of fantastic tools to support your projects and programmes.

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