What is a Playing Pitch Strategy?

A Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) is created through the work of Local Authorities, Sport England, National Governing Bodies and the Parish Councils, clubs and organisations who manage each playing pitch site. It aims to give a current status of sites within the area and identify long term needs and goals.

A Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) is an important document that holds information on all the playing pitch sites in an area and is often the first port of call to support some of the following:

  • To set clear priorities for sport in a local area
  • To help influence decision making for funding and investment in facilities
  • Provide planning guidance in relation to pitch provision
  • Inform the allocation of S106 funding along with other funding streams

You can read a copy of our most recent PPS here:

Section 106 Agreements and Funding

In official terms, a Section 106 (S106) agreement is a legal agreement formed between an applicant seeking planning permission and the local planning authority. A S106 is used to mitigate the impact of new homes and development on local infrastructure.

To put it simply, if a developer were to build new houses in an area, it would mean more people living in that area. These people would want to use local facilities such as leisure facilities, (like a playing pitch!) To support this extra demand, changes or improvements may need to be made to the existing facility, or even new facilities built.

The PPS enables us to understand and prove how much a facility is being used, whether improvements would need to be made and to work out how much this may cost. We can then either apply or assist in the application for the S106 funding from the developer.

If you would like to discuss our PPS further or have any questions, please contact our Sport Development Officer Samantha Heap.